IPB Internasional Students Participate in The Chinese Cultural Introduction Program and Tour Guide by Jinan Vocational College


Chinese Culture Week is a collaborative program that has been implemented between IPB Internasional and the Jinan Vocational College. This extraordinary collaboration of tour guides and procedures for communication between tour guides and tourists will be held on 19-20 November and 10-11 December 2022, involving IPB Internasional students as participants.


Apart from learning about culture, the participants will also learn about pronunciation and language that is commonly used by the Chinese people in handling guests. To overcome the languange barrier, this event was assisted by Chinese-Indonesian translators provided by IPB Internasional. Thus, IPB Internasional students who are participating in this program are able to understand the subject presented by the Jinan Vocational School.

This collaboration is the second program as the result from the partnership of IPB Internasional and Jinan Vocational College. Both parties are hoping for a continuity collaboration in the future in other sector, such as research, collaborative teaching, and community service.