I Gusti Arya Sutrisna Adinatha (IPB Internasional Alumni) Owner of The Beach Canggu by Kopikota Bali

For those who have traveled to Bali, they must have heard of the name of the Canggu area. Canggu is one area that is currently experiencing very rapid development in terms of tourism. There are many restaurants, cafes, and accommodation facilities in the Canggu area. One of them is The Beach Canggu by Kopikota Bali. Who has been to The Beach Canggu by Kopikota Bali? It turns out that The Beach belongs to IPB International alumni majoring in Hospitality Management DIV! Introducing, this is I Gusti Arya Sutrisna Adinatha, who is familiarly called Ngurah. This time, Ngura will tell about his business journey and his experience of studying at IPB International.