Kampus Mengajar


Kampus Mengajar is a program that provides opportunities for students to study outside the classroom for 1 (one) semester by becoming teacher partners to innovate in developing creative and innovative learning strategies and models in targeted education units, with a focus on improving literacy and numeracy skills students in the target school.



  1. Involved directly as partners of teachers, principals, and education staff in target schools in developing and implementing learning strategies in schools.
  2. Contribute directly as agents of change in Indonesian education.
  3. Sharpen leadership, problem solving, communication skills, analytical thinking, creativity, and innovation directly from the field.
  4. Adding a network of friends with fellow students in placement schools.



Eleven students of the Bachelor of Tourism, Applied Bachelor in Hospitality Management, and Applied Bachelor in Tourism Management have successfully passed the selection of the 5th batch of the 2023 Teaching Kampus (Kampus Mengajar) Program of the MBKM.
The successful students are:



IPBI has actively participated in this activity. for the first time participating in the 4th batch of 2022 Teaching Campus, there were three IPBI students who passed, namely:

1. Filipus Farel diterima di SDN 1 Aan, Klungkung - Bali.


2. Nikolas Mert Wijanarjo diterima di SD No. 1 Buahan, Tabanan - Bali.


3. Desak Putu Erlita Putriningsih diterima di SDN 1 Kampung Kajanaan, Buleleng - Bali.


This program is carried out continuously every year. if you are an IPB Internasionalstudent from an undergraduate program and want to become the next teaching campus awardee, contact the contact person for the IPB Internasional Kampus Mengajar program below:

Name: I Wayan Eka Sudarmawan, S.Tr.Par., M.M.

Mobile Phone: 081999432734