International Internship & Working Opportunities


The internship program is one of the mandatory programs taken by vocational students. Through the internship program, students get the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have gained on campus, both in theory and practice. In addition, students will gain a lot of new knowledge and opportunities that they have never had on campus.

IPB Internasional as one of the leading tourism campus in Indonesia has collaborated with various companies to provide the widest possible internship opportunities for students. Apart from within the country, there are various choices of countries and foreign companies that students can choose to carry out their internship programs, namely:

  1. United States of America
  2. Japan
  3. Singapore
  4. Malaysia
  5. Thailand
  6. Bulgaria
  7. Dubai
  8. Bahrain
  9. Canada
  10. Cruise ship

The opportunity to take part in an internship program abroad is open to all students of IPB Internasional and SPB. Registration and selection is carried out throughout the year. For students who wish to register for an internship program, both in Indonesia and abroad, please contact the Student Affairs Section of IPB Internasional (2nd floor rectorate building).